Autumn/Winter 2017 bestsellers

Just some of our bestsellers for AW17 season
Just some of our bestsellers for AW17 season


With the changes in the weather and the Autumn/Winter season now in full swing we have seen some interesting sales trends for this period. This is a great opportunity to see what your potential customer base is demanding and top up your head-wear and accessory ranges. Especially with the Christmas rush soon coming. Last month we focused on gloves and ski hats and these are still incredibly popular.

Our bestselling gloves so far include our Adults and Children’s stretchy magic gloves. GC9, GA9 and GC11 are three affordable options in particular. These magic gloves also feature vibrant colour schemes that will appeal to wide range of customers. More fashionable options like GL61 and GL1207 were also well sought after.

Ski hats remain the most popular product range this year round. Superb additions like A1236, A1245 and A1233 has been heavily purchased and we still have plentiful stocks. We have sold plenty of Thinsulates also with classics like A547, A668 and the variations of A368 being well favoured.

Children’s ski hats like C511 and C506 were the bestsellers in our Children’s collection thanks to their great designs and affordability. Children’s novelty and peru hats are another trend that has popped up this time around. C434, C344 and C349 are just three examples of this but they are selling fast with low stock levels, so get in quick for those.

Finally we can take a look at the seasons bestselling bags and wellies. Our checked patterned rucksacks LB15 and LB16 were the biggest selling bags. But our tweed cross body and shoulder bags like LB55 and LB52 were another in demand option. All of our wellie designs are excellent but WF130, WF131, and WF128 are the most favoured this time around.

Bestsellers of the Autumn/Winter season so far

flat caps, ski hats, tweed bags
Just some of our excellent bestsellers

We are almost halfway through the Autumn/Winter season for 2016 and we have found some interesting trends for this period so far. Firstly and perhaps understandably our most popular hat style so far is our range of ski hats. In particular the more practical Thinsulate hats like A368/B and A334 along with the more straightforward SKIBK. These are durable, affordable and remain an essential purchase for your Autumn/Winter hat collection. More stylish options include A1254 and A1240 with their standout pom-poms and turn-up brims.

Flat caps are also immensely popular this time around. H91 is our biggest seller so far but A14 and H27 are also in high demand. These Flat caps are the perfect mix of strength, style and tradition so it’s no surprise they are well sought after.

Other interesting bestsellers include our unisex tweed baseball cap AE13, our practical wax bush hat A60, the sublime Women’s beret A419 and also the traditional Sherlock Holmes hat A251B269 and C434 remain the bestsellers from our diverse children’s collection.

We’ve seen some interesting trends also from our accessories collection. GA9 is the bestselling pair of gloves thanks to their suitability during the winter season. GA31 and GA11 are also both popular styles able to withstand any harsh weather. More colourful options for children like GC10 and GC9 were also frequently purchased.

Functional bags like LB5 and LB4 were well favoured along with more stylish options like LB16 and LB44. Our range of wellies has amassed many admirers over the last couple of years. WF126, WF117 and WF112 were the three biggest sellers so far, featuring sturdy rubber materials with outstanding designs. Finally we can’t mention Autumn/Winter without mentioning the dreaded rainfall. U61 and U83 are our most popular umbrellas which feature a free display box for ease of sale.

These products are available for purchase now and as ever we offer free delivery over £300 with a minimum order of £100. This is a prime opportunity to increase your stock before the Christmas rush and to top up any ranges you may have.

Rainwear and wellies

Just some of our great rainwear
Just some of our great rainwear


Even if we have had milder autumn and winters in the last couple of years, there is one factor that you can always rely on this season, the dreaded rain. Thankfully here at SSP Hats we have an entire category of rainwear and wellies which will make those showers that little bit more bearable.

Firstly we have rain hats which are especially designed for rainy weather. These are often made of strong materials with a wax finish, allowing for a waterproof effect that offers extended protection from the rain. Our most popular by far is the practical showerproof bush hat A21 and A21A. The unisex A266 features a wider brim that will offer even more protection. More stylish options include A39 and A268. Many of these hats also feature comfortable lining in neutral colours that are ideal for outdoor environments.

This season we have extended our wellies range with our new additions featuring quirky designs along with strong materials to cope with any wet weather conditions. Our lovely westie print WF112 and blue pug print WF117 are the most popular at the moment but we also have new designs like WF120 and WF125 that your female customers will adore.

While showerproof rain hats are always great, sometimes your customer might be looking for body protection also. We have got this covered thanks to our rainwear like our ever popular lightweight ponchos PON2 and PON1. These will keep your customers dry and feature hoods to keep heads protected as well. Children will love our colourful ponchos like CR3 and CR7 that are both jazzy and functional.

Finally this is a prime opportunity to also showcase our umbrellas for both Adults and Children. Our wonderful children’s ladybird umbrella U7 and practical umbrella U15BK are our best sellers here. But we also have stock of the popular display boxes like U83 and U60 which feature 12 items per box and are available at great prices.

These are all available to order now at affordable pricing with next day delivery and free delivery over £300.

New Autumn/Winter 2016 products in stock

banners showing some of SSP Hats new hats for Autumn/Winter 2016
Just some of the great choices available this season













While at Autumn Fair we were able to showcase some our wonderful new Autumn/Winter range which we also have spoken about in previous newsletters. Thankfully many of these products have now arrived and are available for purchase.

Firstly we have an array of new Thinsulate and Ski Hats such as A1201 and A1200. These will understandably keep those heads cosy when the weather begins to harshen. Do you have customers who are looking for a more luxurious option while still protecting those heads from the cold? Well your customers will love our new faux fur collection including Cossack designs like A1206 and A1223 along with pillbox styles like A1205.

Additions to our Children’s collection have also arrived. This again includes ski hats such as C512 but also comprises of headbands like C502 and new gloves like GC100. Standouts this season in the children’s collection will be our new novelty fairy-tale and dinosaur hats such as C432 and C434.

We also have a diverse range of new adult gloves like GL100, GL-1205 and GL110. These feature bright or neutral colours with charming patterns. They are also one size fits all so will fit a range of hand sizes.

Finally we have additions to our winter accessories range including elegant new tweed bags like LB42 and LB44, plus new wellies like WF125 and WF126.  As ever we offer free delivery over £300 and we can usually offer next day delivery if you are within a certified distance.

Autumn Fair 2016 feedback

autumn fair 2016 banner

The date was September the 3rd. Our vans were loaded, the sun was beaming and we were heading to the Birmingham NEC for one of the biggest trade shows of the year, Autumn Fair 2016. We had a very successful show, whilst having a great time in the process and we would to take this opportunity to thank those who came to see us. Getting an opportunity to meet many of you face to face is always a tremendous one, particularly as we can showcase our new stock and advise you on what is currently selling well.

We would like to take another opportunity to show you what the most popular ranges during the show were. Firstly the biggest interest this time around was for our Ski hats, In particular A1230 and the babies bobble hat B269. Our Thinsulate branded range also gets more popular year on year. A368 in various colours and A668 were particular standouts bringing with them a reputation for durability and warmth that your customers will love.

We had substantial sales from our Children’s collection once more with ponchos like CR3 and CP1 along with ski hats like B250 being perfect for keeping the little ones warm and dry during the Autumn/Winter months.

Flat caps like A14 and H27 were well sought after and are superb for any season. Plus with the changes in weather we had increased interest in wellies like WF121 or WF117 and gloves like GL5 or GM25. Finally we had some purchases in our range of bags. LB17 and LB15 feature standout colourful patterns that will appeal to your customers.

Sadly this was our final trade show of the year and we won’t be able to attending anymore until next year for the Spring/Summer season. As mentioned before we always enjoy meeting you and showing our new and old ranges. Throughout the coming months we will continue to keep you updated on what’s hot during the Autumn/Winter season though our newsletters/blog posts and our social media.

Autumn Fair 2016

autumn fair 2016 banner
Hall 4, Stand 4E50-F51. See you there.

Our next stop will be our final one as we are returning to the Birmingham NEC for one of the biggest shows of the year Autumn Fair 2016. This really is the last opportunity to get a proper look and feel at our new and repeat ranges for Autumn/Winter.

Beloved ranges around this time of year include our Ski hats that are ideal for worsening weather conditions with many of our new additions featuring bright colours and exquisite pom-poms. We are also once again featuring our range of Thinsulate branded hats that bring with them a reputation for durability. You will also be able to view our newest pillbox hats and headbands many of which are part of our faux fur collection.

Those who cater for children will love the expansions to our children’s collection including new animal and pattern based ski hats along with our already well sought after character based novelty hats. We have brand new accessories to show you that will compliment any outfit while still being practical.

Our tweed bags are becoming more popular year on year so we’ve naturally designed more to potentially add to your collections. We also have some funky new wellies and sublime new gloves that will definitely appeal to a wide range of customer tastes. Finally this is a great opportunity to mention that we are previewing our new Occasion range for the coming season. This trade show being the best way to really get a sneak preview of our weddings hats and fascinators before they are revealed fully very soon.

You can view some of these products and more information about us can be found from the link here The event takes place between the 4th and 7th of September where we will be eagerly waiting in Hall 4 at stand 4E50-F51. More information on registry can be found here at and registration if free so if you can get down to the NEC there’s really no excuse not to.

New Autumn/Winter 2016 Catalogue

A1204-(2)Along with our seasonal trade show attendance we are also pleased to announce that we will be releasing our new Autumn/Winter 2016 catalogue with price list very soon next month. This will feature a showcase of many of our new additions to our existing ranges. This includes our knitted bobble hats which we are massively extending. These will feature a great mix of colours and nearly all will feature an exquisite bobble. Plus they are one size fits all, so they will fit a range of head sizes.

Faux Fur hats will also be added to this season. This includes some new headbands and pillboxes that will keep those heads warm and cosy during the cold winter months. Our children’s collection is getting some new additions including bobble hats, ski hats and headbands that will appeal to their childlike sensibilities.

We have also added to our gloves and welly ranges, both of which our essential purchases to keep those hands and feet dry during the worsening weather conditions. Naturally we will also be restocking on our most successful ranges from last year. This new directory should be with you very shortly. We should have 100% stock levels of all products very soon, but do feel free to place orders as soon as you like, we can then arrange a despatch date to suit you.



Sneak Preview-New wellington range

Autumn/winter wellies sneak preview
A quick sneak preview of the wellies available in the new Autumn/Winter range


Here at SSP Hats our buying and product development team have been working hard to bring you new and exciting hats and accessories. This month we are pleased to announce that we have developed a range of adult wellies that feature bright colours and quirky patterns that are bound to delight your customers.

Each of these boots is truly unique and will definitely allow the user to stand out from the crowd and make a proud statement. The range of patterns to feature include everything from cute dogs to floral designs and even fancy camper vans. Each wellie will also have bright, bold colours of blue, pinks and reds that truly stand out and are great for colour co-ordinating outfits. Taking wellies off and on can be a slog but these wellies have on them an adjustable buckle and which is also good for decoration.

Our product development and sourcing director, Claire Myszczyszyn has worked on the development of these wellies, commenting that “The launch of the Autumn Winter catalogue will feature an updated collection of our popular rubber wellingtons. Last season we delivered our customers an all new and improved rubber shape and quality. Based on the success of this update and a great response from customers, we have continued to develop this shape further by including all new patterns and colours. We have built on bestselling lines as well as introducing fresh elements to keep the range eye catching for the shop floor.”

She continues “Alongside these colourful updates we have featured some of the best patterns in smaller sizes for a children’s version of the high quality shape. These new additions to our wellington family offer a greater element of protection for smaller feet and a sturdier alternative to our existing PVC styles. All styles will be in stock and available for the Autumn Winter catalogue launch.”

These wellies are perfect then for those cold, wet autumn morning or winter afternoons, helping customers retain a sense of style while out on any long outdoor walks.