Taking a good look at our country collection

country hats
Some of the great hats in our country collection


Another popular product range for this AW17 season is our country collection. This features a range of hats that are suitable for the great outdoors thanks to their durability and strength. So here at SSP Hats we would like to take this opportunity to see what your customers will demand for this season.

Firstly we will look at Flat caps which remain a popular all year round option. Our biggest sellers here by far is our 8-panel style hats like H92 and H91. These naturally feature 8-panels per cap along with soft and stable materials like Wool and Acrylic. Children’s tweed flat cap C17 is another big seller this season.

With their traditional feel and long heritage Tweed hats have been well favoured so far this season. Classic flat caps like A14 and A16 remain likeable choices and tweed gloves GL5 is one of the bestsellers in our glove collection. We also have tweed trilbies like H104 or A260.

Faux fur is a great material for the Autumn/Winter season keeping those heads continuously warm and cosy. Many of the hats in our Autumn/Winter collection feature faux fur but the most well sought after include A1202 and headbands like AW141 or AW142.

Finally a great part of our country collection is our waterproof hats like A39, A19 and A30. These hats remain prominent year on year and are well suited for any potentially dreaded rainfall.

New Autumn/Winter 2017 Additions


Just recently you will have received our new Autumn/Winter 2017 catalogue. Hopefully you will notice that as well as continuing with seasonal favourites, we have refreshed the range extensively with many new additions across all areas of our collection.

Ski and Bobble hats


Ski and bobble hats are central to most retailer’s collection for A/W. Functionality is key, yet the pom-pom and bobbles are still a big driver in terms of trend for AW17. You will find a great mix of price options and designs within both our existing best-selling lines and all new items for the season.

We are also happy to announce that we have extended our range of Thinsulate options across all genders.  Ski hats like A1295 and Bobble hats like A1301 are a great example of range extension within this popular staple product group.

If you are looking for a more fashionable handwriting, ski hats A1313 and A1320 feature additional interest yet still provide the ultimate functionality for the season. New additions to our children’s collection are particularly eye catching and colourful like C560 and C565.


GL1206 (1)

Customers looking to build on their accessory selection will benefit from our extended glove collection. You will find a combination of great value items but will also notice we have focused on additional options with a little more style. Many of our new gloves are stretchy and will provide the perfect mix of comfort and style.

Country collection

A944 (5)

Our country collection which is central to an all season offering, also benefits from some great new additions. Tweed wide and short brim hats like A1341 and A1355 are very popular choices. With price being key, we have focused on developing more affordable lines which still keep a classic outline. Our new tweed 8-Panel cap in Navy and Olive will undoubtedly be a popular choice. Baseball caps like A1347 and A1352 have been specifically developed with the Autumn/Winter months in mind.

Trilby and Fedoras

E13BN SCARF90 (4)

Finally we have continued the range extension through to our moulded collection of Fedoras and trilby’s. A key brief for this part of the collection was to deliver additional, more achievable price points to the felt specifications of the range. With prices rising, we have worked hard with suppliers to provide customers with popular classic shapes, at more palatable retail points. We feel we have been successful with codes H112, H118, H111 as a handful of examples.

Giving and living trade show feedback

Many thanks to all those who came to see us
Many thanks to all those who came to see us

giving and living










We have just returned from the Giving and Living show 2017 in Exeter and although we’re tired we are still buzzing from a great show. This is a prime opportunity to thank all of you who came along to see us and as ever offer excellent feedback.

The show this year offered up some interesting sales trends for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2017 season. Our top three hats from the show included the ever popular relaxed baseball A162 and the brand new straw hats S257 and S263.

Straw hats were in fact the most popular style this year with newcomers like S266 and S267 being well sought after alongside S10 and S11. Aussie hats, our classic favourites are a practical option for the Spring/Summer months and AK51 was particularly well sought-after this time around.

Tweed was the most favoured pattern at the show. Customers bought all different styles of hat with tweed including the new flat cap A1287 and women’s tweed hat A1292 alongside classics like the tweed baseball AE13.

Finally and understandably we had a large demand for both adult and children’s sun hats. For children we had purchases of new and traditionally popular styles including B276, C153 and C158. Adults were catered for with A1009, A178 and A200.

From the 5th to the 9th of February we will be attending Spring Fair 2017 at the Birmingham NEC. This is the last trade show we will be attending this season, so this is your best opportunity to get a closer look at our brand new Spring/Summer 2017 stock. More information including registration for Spring Fair 2017 can be found here http://www.springfair.com/.

Bestsellers of the Autumn/Winter season so far

flat caps, ski hats, tweed bags
Just some of our excellent bestsellers

We are almost halfway through the Autumn/Winter season for 2016 and we have found some interesting trends for this period so far. Firstly and perhaps understandably our most popular hat style so far is our range of ski hats. In particular the more practical Thinsulate hats like A368/B and A334 along with the more straightforward SKIBK. These are durable, affordable and remain an essential purchase for your Autumn/Winter hat collection. More stylish options include A1254 and A1240 with their standout pom-poms and turn-up brims.

Flat caps are also immensely popular this time around. H91 is our biggest seller so far but A14 and H27 are also in high demand. These Flat caps are the perfect mix of strength, style and tradition so it’s no surprise they are well sought after.

Other interesting bestsellers include our unisex tweed baseball cap AE13, our practical wax bush hat A60, the sublime Women’s beret A419 and also the traditional Sherlock Holmes hat A251B269 and C434 remain the bestsellers from our diverse children’s collection.

We’ve seen some interesting trends also from our accessories collection. GA9 is the bestselling pair of gloves thanks to their suitability during the winter season. GA31 and GA11 are also both popular styles able to withstand any harsh weather. More colourful options for children like GC10 and GC9 were also frequently purchased.

Functional bags like LB5 and LB4 were well favoured along with more stylish options like LB16 and LB44. Our range of wellies has amassed many admirers over the last couple of years. WF126, WF117 and WF112 were the three biggest sellers so far, featuring sturdy rubber materials with outstanding designs. Finally we can’t mention Autumn/Winter without mentioning the dreaded rainfall. U61 and U83 are our most popular umbrellas which feature a free display box for ease of sale.

These products are available for purchase now and as ever we offer free delivery over £300 with a minimum order of £100. This is a prime opportunity to increase your stock before the Christmas rush and to top up any ranges you may have.

New Autumn/Winter 2016 products in stock

banners showing some of SSP Hats new hats for Autumn/Winter 2016
Just some of the great choices available this season













While at Autumn Fair we were able to showcase some our wonderful new Autumn/Winter range which we also have spoken about in previous newsletters. Thankfully many of these products have now arrived and are available for purchase.

Firstly we have an array of new Thinsulate and Ski Hats such as A1201 and A1200. These will understandably keep those heads cosy when the weather begins to harshen. Do you have customers who are looking for a more luxurious option while still protecting those heads from the cold? Well your customers will love our new faux fur collection including Cossack designs like A1206 and A1223 along with pillbox styles like A1205.

Additions to our Children’s collection have also arrived. This again includes ski hats such as C512 but also comprises of headbands like C502 and new gloves like GC100. Standouts this season in the children’s collection will be our new novelty fairy-tale and dinosaur hats such as C432 and C434.

We also have a diverse range of new adult gloves like GL100, GL-1205 and GL110. These feature bright or neutral colours with charming patterns. They are also one size fits all so will fit a range of hand sizes.

Finally we have additions to our winter accessories range including elegant new tweed bags like LB42 and LB44, plus new wellies like WF125 and WF126.  As ever we offer free delivery over £300 and we can usually offer next day delivery if you are within a certified distance.

Autumn Fair 2016

autumn fair 2016 banner
Hall 4, Stand 4E50-F51. See you there.

Our next stop will be our final one as we are returning to the Birmingham NEC for one of the biggest shows of the year Autumn Fair 2016. This really is the last opportunity to get a proper look and feel at our new and repeat ranges for Autumn/Winter.

Beloved ranges around this time of year include our Ski hats that are ideal for worsening weather conditions with many of our new additions featuring bright colours and exquisite pom-poms. We are also once again featuring our range of Thinsulate branded hats that bring with them a reputation for durability. You will also be able to view our newest pillbox hats and headbands many of which are part of our faux fur collection.

Those who cater for children will love the expansions to our children’s collection including new animal and pattern based ski hats along with our already well sought after character based novelty hats. We have brand new accessories to show you that will compliment any outfit while still being practical.

Our tweed bags are becoming more popular year on year so we’ve naturally designed more to potentially add to your collections. We also have some funky new wellies and sublime new gloves that will definitely appeal to a wide range of customer tastes. Finally this is a great opportunity to mention that we are previewing our new Occasion range for the coming season. This trade show being the best way to really get a sneak preview of our weddings hats and fascinators before they are revealed fully very soon.

You can view some of these products and more information about us can be found from the link here http://www.autumnfair.com/Exhibitor/SSP-Hats-Ltd. The event takes place between the 4th and 7th of September where we will be eagerly waiting in Hall 4 at stand 4E50-F51. More information on registry can be found here at http://www.autumnfair.com/ and registration if free so if you can get down to the NEC there’s really no excuse not to.

Moda 2016 feedback

photo showing moda trade show 2016
Another successful trade show. Thank you.

Continuing with our trade show season, this month we have just recently got back from Moda at the Birmingham NEC. It was a wonderful experience and we would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who were able to visit us over the three days.

Naturally with the Autumn/Winter season moments away, many of the customers who came to see us at Moda 2016 were preparing for the harshening weather conditions. We therefore saw trends in hats that would keep heads warm and dry when the temperatures dip. Our biggest seller at the show was our range of Harris Tweed caps EHT1. These remain a favourite year on year, featuring the famous Harris Tweed material that brings with it tradition and heritage. Our second biggest seller was our AK62, a more lightweight version of our Aussie style hat that is perfect for any outdoor junctures.

As with Home and Gift 2016 last month faux fur was very popular as a material, which is perhaps understandable since it keeps heads and ears cosy over the winter months. AW110 and AW141 in particular were very popular. As were faux fur fleece hats like A323 and A342. Style for next season was also catered for thanks to the purchases of our popular women’s beret A419.

We also had plenty of sales from our children’s collection. Novelty hats like C401, faux fur hoods like C310 plus babies’ hats like B228 were much favoured during the event. Finally we had sales on gloves like the traditional GL25/L and the tweed GL70.

Home and gift 2016 feedback and other trade show attendance

homengift1As mentioned in our previous Newsletter we’ve been out and about in beautiful Harrogate for the Home and Gift 2016 trade show. This year’s trade show has been extremely successful for us with almost double the intake of orders from last year and some wonderful feedback regarding our latest acquisitions.

For those who were able to attend and speak to us, we were very grateful. For those that couldn’t we are more than happy to announce what trends arose from the orders we took. The biggest trend by far was our new knitted hats particularly our knitted ski hats. Many of these feature fancy colourful designs with including exquisite pom-poms that will also keep the wearer cosy during the dip in temperatures.

Our children’s collection was well sought after gets more popular year on year. This includes our new bobble hats with playful designs that children will love. But our new additions to the novelty range was also well liked.

Gloves were the big accessory of choice from this trade show but there was also great feedback on our new tweed bags that caught many a customer’s eye. Finally our patchwork flat caps are becoming all year round favourite and our wraps was another great purchase.

We’ve still got two trade shows to go with our next destination being the NEC in Birmingham for MODA 2016 during the 7th to the 9th of August. We will be situated at stand Z68 and again this is a great opportunity to get a good look and feel for our new Autumn/Winter stock. After that we will be back in Birmingham for the ‘big one’, Autumn fair 2016.

New arrivals for Spring/Summer 2016

febuary2016newarrivalsFrom December we released our latest Spring/Summer 2016 catalogue which featured our current stock with some brand new additions. While these new additions have been added to the website for previewing they weren’t available for purchasing. Thankfully from today all of our new arrivals are ready to order with full stock levels.

One of the most popular ranges last spring/summer season was our sensational straw and sun hats. Due to their popularity we’ve decided to extend these substantially for both men’s and women’s collections. Fedoras like S220 and A1002 along with trilbies like S240, will appeal to those men wishing to create a casual look and feel. Elsewhere arrivals such as the wide brim SL31 and S225 are superb for female customers. Not to mention our great reversible sun hats such as A1008 and straw hats like SL33. Many of these new straw and sun hats have exquisite features. From patterns to bands, there’s truly something here for every taste.

Our brand new tweeds are also now in stock with a wide range of styles available. New trilbies and fedoras like A1024 and A1020 are available in earthy colours and constructed from strong materials, making them ideal for the great outdoors. Best sellers like Flat caps are having new additions such as H102 and A1022. Creating the most interest so far though is the tweed porkpie H103.

As previewed in our previous newsletter our new Occasion hats and Fascinators are now available for purchasing. Finally we are offering new Lightweight scarves that will complement that perfect spring outfit.

As ever minimum ordering is £100 and we are offering free deliveries for any orders over £300. We’ve had many enquiries about our new stock already and the most popular items can sell out quickly so this is a great opportunity to get your orders in quickly.

Super eight panel caps at affordable prices

Just one of the many available
Just one of the many Eight panel caps available

Leaves on the ground, mist in the morning and British summer time ending can only mean one thing, the autumn season has finally arrived. Consistently we find that one of our most popular trends for autumn is our 8 panel caps. This month we’ve decided to showcase this wonderful range that mixes durability with style.

The 8-Panel cap style-also known in some quarters as a newsboy cap-has a rich and vibrant history. Popular across Europe and America during the 19th and 20th centuries newsboy caps were worn by everyone from newsboys to tradesmen. Lately these hats are now increasingly worn by various different groups as a fashion statement or a practical outdoor hat. This year in particular has seen this type of style go through a real resurgence.

Due to their popularity, we have increased our range with three new additions. H91, H92 and H96 are available under the Hawkins brand and features the stiff peak, panels, round body and button at the top. Alongside these we have favourites such as last year’s bestseller EHT2 along with AE24 and A45.

Customers looking for a practical outdoor cap to keep heads warm during the harsher weather will love this range. But so will those simply wanting to create a vintage look with the added bonus of having kept cosy. The beauty of our 8 panel caps is just how universal they are. Many of the caps offering a wide range of hat sizes from 56cm to 61cm.

With gentle and calm colours like navy, olive and grey, these hats contain colour schemes that are perfect for the autumn months moving on into winter. But the true brilliance of these hats is that they are great value for money. With prices available from £2.33 onwards these hats will give you the opportunity of great profit margins and will no doubt be popular with your customer base. Understandably these caps are well requested so remember to place orders now.

While all of these 8 panel caps are fantastic for this time of year, this is also an apt time to remind people that we have similar tweed and trilby hats. Click the hats below to take a closer look or take a look further at our outstanding winter collection. Remember we also offer 10% discount on those order paid in advance.