Autumn/Winter 2017 bestsellers

Just some of our bestsellers for AW17 season
Just some of our bestsellers for AW17 season


With the changes in the weather and the Autumn/Winter season now in full swing we have seen some interesting sales trends for this period. This is a great opportunity to see what your potential customer base is demanding and top up your head-wear and accessory ranges. Especially with the Christmas rush soon coming. Last month we focused on gloves and ski hats and these are still incredibly popular.

Our bestselling gloves so far include our Adults and Children’s stretchy magic gloves. GC9, GA9 and GC11 are three affordable options in particular. These magic gloves also feature vibrant colour schemes that will appeal to wide range of customers. More fashionable options like GL61 and GL1207 were also well sought after.

Ski hats remain the most popular product range this year round. Superb additions like A1236, A1245 and A1233 has been heavily purchased and we still have plentiful stocks. We have sold plenty of Thinsulates also with classics like A547, A668 and the variations of A368 being well favoured.

Children’s ski hats like C511 and C506 were the bestsellers in our Children’s collection thanks to their great designs and affordability. Children’s novelty and peru hats are another trend that has popped up this time around. C434, C344 and C349 are just three examples of this but they are selling fast with low stock levels, so get in quick for those.

Finally we can take a look at the seasons bestselling bags and wellies. Our checked patterned rucksacks LB15 and LB16 were the biggest selling bags. But our tweed cross body and shoulder bags like LB55 and LB52 were another in demand option. All of our wellie designs are excellent but WF130, WF131, and WF128 are the most favoured this time around.

Bestselling Spring/Summer styles

Interesting best sellers so far.

The current Spring/Summer season has just begun and we already have some popular choices of hats amongst our customers. With the temperatures rising it’s understandable that our current top three bestsellers are the straw fedoras S102 and S11 along with the relaxed baseball Cap A162. These three compliment any summer outfit while providing protection from the sun. Straw hats and baseball caps continue to be extremely popular.

Other popular trends with customers include styles from our wide range of bush hats and sun hats. The Ladies reversible bush hat A253 from £2.20 and the Childs printed bush hat B48 from £2.20 are just two popular examples our essential holiday wear ranges.

All ages are catered for in the current season bestsellers with the Men’s natural fedora A232, Ladies floppy sun hat A215 and the Girls butterfly bush hat C12 all selling quick and fast. With their high quality and sleek looks this is hardly surprising and all three would suit a variety of smart outfits.

With these bestsellers selling swiftly so quickly we cannot guarantee they will be around for long, so make sure you get your orders in quickly as possible. All orders have the offer of 10% discount if it is paid pro-forma (or within two weeks for credit account customers).

Seasonal Bestsellers

TOP-10-APR14-VERSION2The sun is shining and there’s another bank holiday around the corner, so there is no better time to top up on some of our summer bestsellers.  Leading the way during April we have the classic summer straw trilby S10, cadet cap A164 and of course the washed bush hat A139. From the latest Hawkins Collection occasion hats to seaside summer classics SSP has them all within their extensive Summer collection. You can find all of these top selling lines and more within our Spring/Summer Bestsellers