Spring-Summer 2020 trade show feedback

Our busy trade show season has now finished and we have some interesting feedback to give you. Firstly we would like to thank those of you who attended and paid us a visit during both shows.

We received great feedback on the new and current products with certain bestsellers featuring across certain categories. This is a perfect opportunity to view what these are and get some buying ideas before the Spring-Summer season.

Bestsellers will be organised by category for ease of viewing:

Wholesale Baseball caps

One of the biggest selling styles and categories from the show by far was our mix of baseball caps.

In particular:

A162-Relaxed B/ball-£2.27 per item. Year on year our more casual baseball caps tend to be our biggest sellers in the Spring-Summer season with this one being no exception. Packs feature a wide range of colour schemes

Wholesale plain baseball capA5PAS-Adults assorted 5 Panel B.Ball cap with buckle-£1.38 per item. Another favourite year on year. These are available in assorted colours, all sizes are 58cm with a buckle adjuster.

We also had significant demand for Children’s baseball caps including the soon to arrive C588, C587 and currently in stock floral baseball caps C574

Wholesale Fedoras

Fedora style hats were very popular this time around with traditional styling and available in a wide range of head sizes.

A232-Men’s fedora with brown band-£3.81 per item. Our bestseller in the fedora range between both events was A232. Both stylish and practical this fedora will be ideal for the upcoming Spring Summer season.

A1397-Mens fedora with stripe band-£5.10 per item. One of our more recent fedora additions this one colour men’s fedora features a unique striped band and is just what your customers are looking for in the upcoming season.

We have also seen big demand for other country style men’s fedoras including A1497 and A1499.

Wholesale straw hats

Popular year on year, we once again saw big demand for our collection of wholesale straw hats in particular the fedora style. Firstly the two biggest sellers in this category was:

Wholesale mens straw fedoraS266-Men’s straw fedora with paisley print-£3.68 per item. Our biggest seller during the trade shows. Each pack features two separate coloured paisley print band in the size of 59cm.  

Wholesale mens straw hats with black bandS80-Mens plain straw fedora-£3.36 per item. Part of our packable hats collection, your customers will find this hat ideal for the summer season and those special events.

Along with these two bestsellers we also saw big demand for the unisex straw fedora with black band S103 and mens straw trilby S10.

While these hats cater for adults we also have children’s straw hats available. Girls straw hats such as SC55 and SC52 feature unique designs and each pack features hats for a wide range of ages. Along with this we also have new straw hat designs such as the unisex fedora and trilbies S385 and S396 plus the new ladies wide brim straw S399 in blue and white.

Wholesale sun hats

Understandably there was also big interest in both current and new headwear from our wholesale sun hats collection. The two biggest sellers are below:

Wholesale adjustable sun hatsA120-Plain turn-up brim adj sun hat-£3.74 per item. Featuring a turn-up brim and tie adjuster, this adjustable sun hat will be well suited for the upcoming Spring-Summer season

Wholesale womens linen sun hat in blueA102-Women’s linen sun hat with Turn-up brim-£4.06 per item. Each pack features four colour schemes and every hat is elasticated for easy fitting.

Wholesale reversible sun hatA253-Ladies reversible bush hat-£2.84 per item. Available in three colours these reversible bush hats are developed from cotton and are great value for money.

Throughout the event we also had great interest in our children’s sun hats including the ever popular girls butterfly bush hat C146 and bush hats C536 and C620. The ladies floral pattern bucket hat A1581 and reversible leopard print hat A1582.

Flat caps

Perfectly suited for all year round wear, our diverse range of Flat caps were well sought after during the shows.

Wholesale mens 8-panel capsH92-Mens 8-Panel caps-£3.39 per item. Part of our Hawkins collection this flat cap features the popular 8-Panel styling in various head-wear sizes.

Wholesale cadet style capA1340-Adults unisex cord cadet cap-£4.02 per item. This extra special traditional and fashionable cadet cap will be a stylish and practical option for all-year round wear.

Along with the two above we also saw demand for the tweed caps H87 and A14 plus the preformed H122 and patchwork flat cap H27. From our new Spring-Summer collection we also have the pinstripe H149 and checked flat cap A1545.

Best of the rest

Throughout the events we found that our mix of trilbies were well sought after especially our unique adults Aztec unisex trilby H140 and unisex trilby with striped band S299. Our bestselling wellies was WF139 and we still had demand for out lightweight scarves particularly LS148.

Spring fair 2018 feedback


We recently returned from Spring Fair 2018 where as ever we had a fantastic show. Throughout the show we have seen some interesting sales trends regarding our new and current Spring/Summer ranges. So this is a worthwhile opportunity to showcase what will be undoubtedly popular and what your essential purchases will be for your Spring/Summer headwear collections.

One particular trend is with colourful straws with ribbons and bands. Our biggest seller of this by far was our ladies wide brim detailed straw S276 along with the natural and navy coloured S279. Straws developed with your male customers in mind were also very popular. Our new straw fedora with patterned band S290 was another bestseller from the show. We also saw great interest in more luxurious options like SL41 and SL43 which feature standout styling while still being practical.

Sun Hats are always popular year on year and we had some large purchases of these also. Our ladies reversible wide brim A1399 features two superb bird print designs as was one of our biggest sellers at the show. But we also saw great enthusiasm for the Men’s fedora with chin strap A1398 and fedora A1389, two more exceptional new designs.

We previewed a range of new children’s hats at the show. The most popular included our new plain baseball caps C588 and C587 which feature bright colour schemes and are superb value for money. New and current bush hats were also well purchased. C544 and B273 will be ideal for your customers looking for that perfect summer holiday hat that can offer decent sun protection.

While the customers who we spoke to were impressed with the new additions to our Spring/Summer collection we also still saw interest in our current ranges. Flat caps are suitable all year round and our more traditional inclusions like H92 and A45 were the two biggest sellers from the show. Other bestsellers include the chino cadet cap A164, washed denim bush with eyelets A139 plus the Aussie styled ripstop hat A1001.

Hopefully this will give you a good idea of what will be hot for the upcoming season and what the essential purchases should be for SS18. Some of our newer hats are available for purchase while others will soon be arriving. So this is a healthy reminder to keep an eye on these bestsellers before they are soon sold out.

Giving and living 2018 feedback


We have just got back from Giving and Living 2018 where we had a wonderful experience showcasing our current and new ranges for Spring/Summer 2018. We would like to extend our thanks to those of you who were able to come see and speak with us during the event.

With preparations for the Spring/Summer season soon upon us, this seems like a great opportunity to see what sales trends came up during the event. Firstly the biggest sales trend we have found is with Baseball caps. Our series of plain baseball caps like A6PAS were the big sellers here. But we also have popular cadet caps such as A164 and A31.

Stylish straw hats are popular year on year but have a seen a particular trend for Straw hats with scarf bands at the show. S1 and S120 are two prime examples of this. SH3 and the men’s straw fedora S80 were also big sellers this time around.

We sold a wide range of sun hats this time around in particular more casual and neutral coloured bush hats like A173 and A185 . Finally flat caps like the 8-panel H91 and men’s patchwork H27 were big sellers and undoubtedly great all year round options.

While these were all very popular they all come from our current ranges. We also have new additions to our Spring Summer 18 collection that were well liked. This includes new straws S290 and S249. New sun hats like A1406, A1392 and A1399. While new children’s additions like B274 and C543 were popular choices. Many of these new additions will be arriving next month and we will be previewing these very soon.

Spring Fair 2018 trade show attendance


We will be ending our current trade show season with a trip to the Birmingham NEC for one of the biggest trade shows of the year Spring Fair 2018. Stated as a “must-attend for all kinds of people. For independent shop owners, for multiple shop owners, for online suppliers, for department stores”, this event is an ample opportunity to get a truly great look and feel at our Current and New additions for the Spring/Summer18 season.

The event takes place during the 4th and 8th of February 2018. We will be set up in Hall 19-20 and at stand 20J21-H20, so if you are attending we would love to see you there. More information on the event and registration information can be found at https://www.springfair.com . This is our last trade show attendance until the Autumn/Winter 2018 season, so this is your last opportunity to give feedback on our new and current ranges.

Similar to Giving and Living we will be offering information on any sales trends and news shortly after the event is finished. So if you unfortunately cannot attend then we can still showcase what was popular and what styles you should be looking at for your Spring/Summer18 buys.


2018 Trade show attendance

giving and living 2018 banner
We will be at stand A305


Once again we are happy to announce that we will be attending both Giving and Living 2018 along with Spring Fair 2018.

Our first port of call will be Exeter for Giving and Living 2018 which takes place during the 14th to 17th of January 2018. We will be set up at stand A305. Registration is free and more information about the show can be found at https://givingliving.co.uk/visitor-registration/.

A couple of weeks later we will be heading to the Birmingham NEC for Spring Fair 2018 which takes place during 4-8th February. This time around we will be set up at stand 20J21. More details about the show and registration details can be found at https://www.springfair.com/.

As ever this a great opportunity to showcase the new additions to our Spring/Summer 2018 and we can expertly guide you on what will be undoubtedly popular in the coming season. Plus you can get a truly great look and feel at our current ranges.

We will be sending reminders about both shows throughout the next couple of months and as ever we will showcasing any potential sales trends from the events so stay tuned.

Become our Autumn Fair 2017 Vip Guest


We are really hoping you can make it to see us at Autumn Fair 2017. Stand 4N04 in Hall 04 is where we will be showcasing the best range of hats available in the UK. As an extra incentive you can also register as a VIP guest.

As a VIP guest you’ll get to enjoy some very special perks:

  • Exclusive access to the Season’s Club
  • Complimentary refreshments including tea Lounge (where you can rest, relax, charge your phone or laptop and network with colleagues) and coffee
  • Free cloakroom service

So this is a great opportunity to make to make your trip that extra bit special. Enter the unique code of AF0808 when you enter your details through the link here.


Giving and living trade show feedback

Many thanks to all those who came to see us
Many thanks to all those who came to see us

giving and living










We have just returned from the Giving and Living show 2017 in Exeter and although we’re tired we are still buzzing from a great show. This is a prime opportunity to thank all of you who came along to see us and as ever offer excellent feedback.

The show this year offered up some interesting sales trends for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2017 season. Our top three hats from the show included the ever popular relaxed baseball A162 and the brand new straw hats S257 and S263.

Straw hats were in fact the most popular style this year with newcomers like S266 and S267 being well sought after alongside S10 and S11. Aussie hats, our classic favourites are a practical option for the Spring/Summer months and AK51 was particularly well sought-after this time around.

Tweed was the most favoured pattern at the show. Customers bought all different styles of hat with tweed including the new flat cap A1287 and women’s tweed hat A1292 alongside classics like the tweed baseball AE13.

Finally and understandably we had a large demand for both adult and children’s sun hats. For children we had purchases of new and traditionally popular styles including B276, C153 and C158. Adults were catered for with A1009, A178 and A200.

From the 5th to the 9th of February we will be attending Spring Fair 2017 at the Birmingham NEC. This is the last trade show we will be attending this season, so this is your best opportunity to get a closer look at our brand new Spring/Summer 2017 stock. More information including registration for Spring Fair 2017 can be found here http://www.springfair.com/.

Giving and living 2017 and other trade show news

We really hope to see you there
We really hope to see you there

It’s that time of year again as we head off across the country attending trade shows and showcasing our superb ranges both new and current. First up is Giving and Living 2017 in Exeter between the 15th and 18th of January next year.

You will be able to find us in Hall A and at stall A305 where we will be waiting patiently to help with any ordering and general enquiries. With the new Spring/Summer 2017 catalogue coming out very soon, this is a prime opportunity to see and feel our stock for next season along with viewing our previous ranges. We always enjoy getting your feedback as it allows us to bring you the best products we can season by season.

Registration is free and more information about the event can be found at http://givingliving.co.uk/visiting/registration/. From here we will be heading to the Birmingham NEC for Spring fair 2017 from the 5th to the 9th of February. Please note that these two trade shows are the only ones we will be attending this season, so make sure you use these opportunities when you can.

Those that can’t attend needn’t worry. We will be offering feedback through this newsletter on what the bestselling lines were and what the best feedback was from the event.

Autumn Fair 2016 feedback

autumn fair 2016 banner

The date was September the 3rd. Our vans were loaded, the sun was beaming and we were heading to the Birmingham NEC for one of the biggest trade shows of the year, Autumn Fair 2016. We had a very successful show, whilst having a great time in the process and we would to take this opportunity to thank those who came to see us. Getting an opportunity to meet many of you face to face is always a tremendous one, particularly as we can showcase our new stock and advise you on what is currently selling well.

We would like to take another opportunity to show you what the most popular ranges during the show were. Firstly the biggest interest this time around was for our Ski hats, In particular A1230 and the babies bobble hat B269. Our Thinsulate branded range also gets more popular year on year. A368 in various colours and A668 were particular standouts bringing with them a reputation for durability and warmth that your customers will love.

We had substantial sales from our Children’s collection once more with ponchos like CR3 and CP1 along with ski hats like B250 being perfect for keeping the little ones warm and dry during the Autumn/Winter months.

Flat caps like A14 and H27 were well sought after and are superb for any season. Plus with the changes in weather we had increased interest in wellies like WF121 or WF117 and gloves like GL5 or GM25. Finally we had some purchases in our range of bags. LB17 and LB15 feature standout colourful patterns that will appeal to your customers.

Sadly this was our final trade show of the year and we won’t be able to attending anymore until next year for the Spring/Summer season. As mentioned before we always enjoy meeting you and showing our new and old ranges. Throughout the coming months we will continue to keep you updated on what’s hot during the Autumn/Winter season though our newsletters/blog posts and our social media.

Autumn Fair 2016

autumn fair 2016 banner
Hall 4, Stand 4E50-F51. See you there.

Our next stop will be our final one as we are returning to the Birmingham NEC for one of the biggest shows of the year Autumn Fair 2016. This really is the last opportunity to get a proper look and feel at our new and repeat ranges for Autumn/Winter.

Beloved ranges around this time of year include our Ski hats that are ideal for worsening weather conditions with many of our new additions featuring bright colours and exquisite pom-poms. We are also once again featuring our range of Thinsulate branded hats that bring with them a reputation for durability. You will also be able to view our newest pillbox hats and headbands many of which are part of our faux fur collection.

Those who cater for children will love the expansions to our children’s collection including new animal and pattern based ski hats along with our already well sought after character based novelty hats. We have brand new accessories to show you that will compliment any outfit while still being practical.

Our tweed bags are becoming more popular year on year so we’ve naturally designed more to potentially add to your collections. We also have some funky new wellies and sublime new gloves that will definitely appeal to a wide range of customer tastes. Finally this is a great opportunity to mention that we are previewing our new Occasion range for the coming season. This trade show being the best way to really get a sneak preview of our weddings hats and fascinators before they are revealed fully very soon.

You can view some of these products and more information about us can be found from the link here http://www.autumnfair.com/Exhibitor/SSP-Hats-Ltd. The event takes place between the 4th and 7th of September where we will be eagerly waiting in Hall 4 at stand 4E50-F51. More information on registry can be found here at http://www.autumnfair.com/ and registration if free so if you can get down to the NEC there’s really no excuse not to.