New Spring/Summer 18 collection

New Spring/Summer 18 season collection

While you have undoubtedly been preoccupied with the harsh weather we have been having over the last couple of months, we are now fully into the Spring/Summer season. Every year we always look forward bringing you our newest and latest designs. Since we are almost fully stocked with our brand new Spring/Summer items this is an apt opportunity to see what is available and what could be potential bestsellers in your headwear collection.

Straw Hatsstraw hat s319

Firstly let’s focus on our brand new straw hats. One of our most popular styles year on year we have added a diverse range of new straws that are well suited to a wide range of people. So far the most popular new straw is S319 which features a wide brim, band with a bow and is available in both natural and tan colours.

Also very popular so far is our more luxurious style straws like SL43 and SL41. These all feature mixes of bows, bands and wide brims but are most importantly great value for money making them easily profitable. We have more casual designs such as the crushable bush hat S334 and wide brim S317 that will undoubtedly be popular choice in your headwear collection. Men are catered for thanks to the superb fedoras like S289 and S296. If you also sell to younger customers then you should bear in mind SC52 and SC54 which feature wonderful, colourful designs that they will adore.

Sun Hats

It wouldn’t be the Spring/Summer season without the arrival of brand new sun hats. Perfect for those customers looking for that ideal holiday hat or summer hat that offers both sun protection and style. The most popular so far is A1406 our wide brimmed sun hat developed from lightweight cotton materials.  We have other wide brim sun hats like A1403 and A1399 that your customers will love.

Along with this we also have smaller brimmed bush hats which feature colourful designs like A1392 and A1387. Children are catered for thanks to more playful themed designs like the pineapple bush hat C578 and whale themed B286. You can view the full new range including those soon to be in stock here.


Baseballs are of course a staple summer hat and we have some excellent brand new additions to show you. Most popular so far is our casual boys and girls baseballs C587 and C588. Each pack contains bright colour schemes that our well suited for the Spring/Summer season. Two of our new floral baseball designs A1386 and A1385 have also been very popular since arrival. You can find these new and current baseball caps through our baseball range here.

Wedding hats and fascinators

Finally we have substantially increased our range of Wedding Hats and fascinators. As these are extra special we will be focusing on them next month. But as they will soon be arriving you can preview them and see the brand new designs already.