Trends for Spring/Summer 2017

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Spring/Summer 2017 trends

Brighter days and colder nights can only indicate one thing, spring is finally starting to arrive. This brings with it some new changes in hat styles. Here at SSP Hats we have been thoroughly researching what will be the biggest trends for the Spring/Summer 2017 season from both our sources and our own sales analysis.

Thanks to this research we have found that the following trends for both men and women will be hot in the next Spring/Summer season.


The biggest trend by far will be straw hats and in particular striped patterns. Hats like S183, S202 and A1279 are great examples of this, providing both style and practicality in the Spring/Summer months. Other straws styles like boaters S66 and S146 along with smart trilbies are also potentially big sellers.

Other styles that propped up included Cowboy or Aussie style hats like E13 and S45 along with Bucket hats such as the new reversible A1267 and A1269 that are ideal for the warmer climates.

Wide and medium sized brims are another popular trend and will remain a great way for your customers to make a statement in the upcoming Spring/Summer months. We’ve got everything from wide brimmed floppy sun hats like S245 to more functional medium brimmed cotton hats like the superb A105. Bright and vibrant colours schemes like reds, yellows and light green will be sought after for this time of year.


Practical and stylish options will be the most popular for this time of year. Casual baseball caps like A121 and A162 fit both of these criteria exceptionally well. Straw Fedoras and Trilby’s are also considered to be another popular choice this time around. Great, simple options like S192 and S104 along with newer fashionable additions like S267 and S257 are superb choices in out straw hat range.

Another style that came up frequently was Flat Caps and in particular the ‘newsboy style’. We have a wide range of both New and Current Flat caps available with A1287 and H86 being just two of these that will be beloved by your male customers.

Pastel colours like Greens, Navy’s and Blues are in trend for the Spring/Summer season and can be found with hats in our Country and Tweed collection.

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