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Sneak preview-New Autumn/Winter stock

Posted on July 31st, 2015

New autumn and winter collection

Just some of the new products available from September

Here at SSP Hats we like nothing more than to keep adding to our ranges, so we are pleased to announce that we are increasing our stock for the Autumn/Winter 2015 season. First up we have some brand new additions to our faux fur collection such as the pillbox hat AW132 and the headband AW139. Luxurious with neutral colours these hats will appeal to fashionable ladies, with the added bonus of being able to keep their heads warm and cosy.

There will be more Knitted hats and Ski hats, with the new Union jack ski hat SKI20 and new bobble hat A933 both being particular standouts. We have added greatly to our current country collection. Outstanding tweeds such as AE-26 and AE-30 along with patchwork flat caps like AE-28 and AE-29 will appeal substantially to those wanting a hat for an outdoor lifestyle. We also have new tweed bags in the country collection such as LB33 and LB37. Trilbies and Fedoras are always much sought-after throughout the year. We have increased our range with the Unisex Wool felt fedora H93, H94 Porkpie trilby and H97 Grey herringbone Trilby just three of the great new hats coming soon.

One of our most popular styles for both seasons is our Aussie style hats due to their durability and high quality leather. Four new Aussie style hats are on their way such as AK62 and AK60. These will be available in a wide range of sizes for customers.

Finally we have new Adults and Children’s wellies which feature exceptional patterns, stylings and bright vibrant colours. These are also exceptional practical, keeping your feet dry during any dreaded wet weather. WF108, WC42 and WC40 are just some of the particular standouts here. All of this new stock will be available September 1st and will available for pre order very soon.


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